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Torsion Spring Replacement

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Garage Door Torsion Spring ReplacementMontecito is a community in California with a high wealth per citizen capita. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and others live in the city or in one of the surrounding communities. Santa Barbara County contains a large number of millionaires, as well as retired people, young families, and couples without children. Many homeowners need garage door repairs because they have multiple garages or store multiple expensive vehicles inside their garage. When you put something in your garage, you assume that you can always open the garage door, but this is not always the case.

Located at the upper corners of each door is a type of spring. Garage door torsion spring replacement is necessary when the doors stop working.

Symptoms or signs of a broken or damage torsion spring include:

  • Squeaking or loud noises coming from the springs
  • Garage doors that do not sit flat when pulled up
  • Sticking or problems pulling the garage doors down
  • Doors that remain stuck in an up or down position

One of the first questions that homeowners ask is about the garage door torsion spring cost. The cost of the product does not include the cost of replacing the extension springs for garage doors. Before installing the spring, the technician must remove the garage door and remove the old spring. Often times, you can get a garage door torsion spring repair cost estimate before the technician starts working on your garage. The total cost often relates to the amount of work required, as well as the type of springs used on the garage door.

Garage door torsion spring repair is part of owning a garage. You should never try to replace the springs yourself, but hire someone that can replace garage door extension springs quickly. If you try to fix garage door torsion spring problems yourself, you might damage the door or the garage. Talk with a technician today about your torsion spring garage door or Clopay torsion spring problems. You can get an estimate for your garage door torsion spring replacement cost and schedule an appointment. You might find that your problem is smaller than you thought and does not require a replacement. Sometimes, a garage door torsion spring adjustment can tighten the springs and get those springs working again without a costly replacement or repair job.

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